Commonly Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of answers to some frequently asked questions.

Most Frequent Questions

The traffic mainly comes from domain names that are no longer being used. We have a large inventory of these inactive websites and present the visitors with other relevant websites to visit. The traffic you will receive is 100% free of bots, PTC, Auto Surf, Pop-ups and Pop-unders.

No, unfortunately, if you buy traffic we can not guarantee absolute safety if you are using Google Adsense.

We have seen websites penalized for receiving a sudden large amount of traffic and clicks to their Google Adsense ads.

The visitors we serve you come from our advertising network. We have thousands of domains in our network totaling almost 1 million hits per day. These visitors are sold to you, among some other sources of traffic.

No, a single traffic package can’t split over multiple domains. Instead, you need to order separate packages for each separate domain.

No, we cannot guarantee any results unless you use normal websites with Google Analytics installed.



Yes, we do accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency payments. You can see these payment options when you make a purchase.



Yes. The tracking link we send you will track 100% of your visitors. Our traffic is routed through our internal servers and redirected to your site, which will almost always appear in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Our process orders times are Monday to Friday from 8AM till 4PM with some on Saturday morning.
Usually you will start receiving traffic within 24 hours of starting your campaign,
For some sort of website traffic we may supply it even faster.
If you don’t receive any email from us within the first 24 hours of ordering, please check your spam folder,firewall definitions and than contact us.

We don’t accept websites that contain, pornography, sexual or erotic material, linking to software piracy,
pirating, hacking, spamming, excessive violence, obscene or vulgar language, abusive content, illegal content or any form of illegal activity or material.

More Help Needed?

Three Ways To Add Value To Your Web Traffic

Exploit Your Niche

Whatever your product, there is a niche market for it. Narrow down your keywords and content so they target people that need your product. Give your visitors the value they expect from your marketing campaigns and sales pitches.

Keep it Short & Sweet

Today’s web shoppers have short attention spans. Make your content concise so visitors quickly see what they’ll get. Throw in a special offer or promotion to sweeten the deal.

Convert With an Easy Call to Action

Make it easy for visitors to buy your products or achieve the goal you set on your website in as few simple steps as possible.